What the Experts are Saying About Pre-Primary


Your Liberal government knows that early learning in a beneficial program that has been proven so improves social, health and emotional outcomes in young children. Unlike a regular classroom, children learn through play, and this hands-on learning environment is what makes pre-primary so effective.

Nova Scotia will become the third jurisdiction in Canada to offer this type of program. Canadians are seeing the positive outcomes of this type of education and other provinces are also starting to make plans to implement it.

Pre-primary will also create more job opportunities for Early Childhood Educators in the province. While we understand that this will change the landscape for childcare in the province, we are confident this program will improve the lives of Nova Scotians. We want to work with daycare providers to identify opportunities for them in the new landscape.

We have shared goals and we’re ready to work together to help better the foundation of education of future generations.Pre-primary has a huge, positive impact on those who need it the most. It means that families – regardless of their situation – will have access to a stable foundation of learning. We’re prepared to invest in the children of Nova Scotia.


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