Ensuring the Sustainablity of our Forestry Industry

Your Liberal government understands how important forestry is to Nova Scotia’s economy, and we also know the way we practice sustainable harvesting in our province is essential to maintaining the industry.

We are pleased to announce we have appointed a project leader for an independent review of our forest practices.

University of King’s College president William Lahey will lead the review, as well as evaluate market access for private forest owners. He is an associate professor at Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law, as well as a former deputy minister of environment.

“The sustainable management of our natural resources is vitally important to all Nova Scotians,” said Margaret Miller, Minister of Natural Resources. “I welcome Professor Lahey to the task of leading a thorough and independent review that examines the forest practice issues that are so important to Nova Scotians.”

Professor Lahey will help narrow down our strengths and weaknesses and the roll of Crown wood supply throughout the province. He will also give recommendations of what we can improve upon in terms of balancing long term social and economic goals when managing Nova Scotia’s forests.

He will have access to other independent resources and is expected to deliver a final report by February 28th, 2018.

As Liberals, we want to ensure the lasting benefit of our forestry industry for generations to come and we’re looking forward to the recommendations that are brought forward.

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