Pre-Primary & Play Based Learning

I am writing to provide some information about pre-primary and play based learning to help residents understand the benefits of the program as we prepare for a new pre-primary program at Sunnyside this year. 

As you may know, the Pre-primary Program is a child-centered, play based program for children the year before they start school. This opportunity will help them transition into the school system and provide experiences that give children the best start to succeed in school and life.

There are many benefits to early play-based learning:

  • Play develops children’s creativity and problem-solving. For example, when children play pretend they are role playing based on their own experiences.
  • Play prepares children better for school learning. Talking about story books helps children expand their vocabulary and become familiar with print.
  • Play is healthy. It promotes strength, coordination, and brain development. For example, when children build things with both large and small blocks, they use their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Play develops new skills that build self-esteem. Children try out materials and equipment at their own level, at their own pace. When they master a new skill, they feel good about their own success.
  • Play teaches social skills and helps children develop friendships. When children play together, they learn to problem solve and to help each other. They learn from each other.

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